Air Freight

Choosing air transportation as most suitable transportation solution to deliver goods in minimum time and in an efficient manner. We make sure the safe and timely delivery of the goods much faster than what is possible by land or by sea.

Our company provides most suitable options of wide range of air transportation with the knowledge to meet your requirements and satisfaction.

Air freight is the fastest transport alternative compared to ocean, road, or rail transport. Air freight is effective for shipping goods over longer distances and shipping of the goods by air from one continent to another takes just a few hours. With air freight you can move your cargo almost anywhere and it is highly reliable in scheduling with dependable arrival and departure times.

We can guarantee that your high – value goods will be delivered save as most of the airports well manage safety controls what will allow you to clear your goods quickly and to avoid damages and theft.

We offer direct routes what allow you to get a supply chain flexibility as the best benefit for production and distribution. Especially if you do have temperature-controlled items or cargo with a short shelf life, direct shipping is the best option.

We also offer indirect routes as well. This is a more cost-effective method of air freight in many cases. This allows customers to send freight to some of the most remote places of the world.

If you require storage, trans-loading and cross – docking at the airports please choose our company service.

Air Freight


  • Availability a wide range of both Passenger and dedicated Freighter aircraft.
  • Operating with the world’s major air carriers.​
  • Next day flight options.
  • Fast delivery of Covid-19 tests and vaccines.​
  • Exclusive sealed steel containers for larger shipments.
  • Space availability on passenger/freighter crafts.
  • Experienced, reputable, network of overseas agents.