The seller has delivered when they place or deliver suitably packaged goods at the disposal of the buyer at an agreed-upon place (i.e. the works, factory, warehouse, etc.). The goods are not cleared for export.
The seller is not required to load the goods onto a collecting vehicle, and it is at the buyer’s expense. EXW is the only Incoterm where the goods are not required to be cleared for export, although the seller has the duty to assist the buyer (at the buyer’s expense) with any needed documentation and export approvals.
From collection, the buyer is responsible for all risks, costs and clearances.



Free On Board

The seller delivers the goods, suitably packaged and cleared for export, once they are safely loaded on the ship at the agreed upon shipping port. At this point, responsibility for the goods transfers to the buyer. The seller may procure a freight contract at the buyer’s request or, if the buyer has failed to procure one by the date of a scheduled delivery, the seller may procure one on their own initiative. The buyer is responsible for the cost and risk of this freight contract.


Free Carrier

The seller fulfils their obligation to deliver when the goods are handed, suitably packaged and cleared for export to the carrier, selected by the buyer, or the buyer at a place named by the buyer. Responsibility for the goods passes from seller to buyer at this named place.
The named place may be the seller’s premises. While the seller is responsible for loading the goods, they have no responsibility for unloading them if the goods are delivered to a named place that is not the seller’s premises.
The costs and risks of this freight contract fall on the buyer. The buyer must be informed of delivery arrangements by the seller in time for the buyer to arrange insurance.


Free Alongside

The seller delivers the goods, packaged suitably and cleared for export, by placing them beside the vessel at the agreed upon port of shipment. At this point, responsibility for the goods passes from the seller to the buyer. The buyer maintains responsibility for loading the goods and any further costs. The buyer is responsible for the cost and risk associated with the freight contract.


Delivered At Place

 It is the buyer’s responsibility to effect any customs clearance and pay any import duties or taxes. The delivery is not complete until the goods are unloaded at the agreed destination. Therefore, the seller should be wary of the risks of not securing insurance.



Container Freight Station Services

The facility for freight shipments consolidation or de-consolidation and staging between transport legs. The best place to transport cargo containers between an ocean, port, airport and integral part of any FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load) shipping.

A CFS is involved in the import-export business at the points of origin and destination and facilitate an import – export industries in many countries.

Our CFS is privately operated and in a tight connection with various shipping lines and port terminals.

Supportive and alternative services
Road Freight
Road freight is most cost – efficiency, safest and fast forms of transport and offers an excellent opportunity to improve business and their growth.
Sea Freight
One of the oldest means of transport, shipping methods and most important means of the transport in the world capable to carry large shipments.
Air Freight
Most useful solution to connect international markets and link economies to global flows of goods.
Shipbroking and Chartering
The financial service, which forms part of the global shipping industry and world of shipowners and charterers in usage of ships for goods transportation.

SEA PORT HUB is a trading name of DC Transport Limited and was established in 2012 as International Logistics operator & service provider. We have quickly gained a reputation as a company trusted by our customers to provide efficient and
cost-effective transportation services working with a network of reliable and established overseas partners.

SEA PORT HUB is a forward-thinking business, constantly exploring new transport routings such as container Rail services
to & from the Chinese Mainland.

We aim to help companies who are experiencing difficulties finding a convenient, safe means of transporting & storing their products without loss or damage.

Our aim is that your products are delivered safely and on time and that you will benefit from our transport and delivery solutions.



containers per year

4,000 teu

container storage capacity


110,000 square ft

of open and closed warehousing





containers per year

3,000 teu

container storage capacity


56,000 square ft

of open and closed warehousing





containers per year

5,400 teu

container storage capacity


146,000 square ft

of open and closed warehousing





containers per year

1,200 teu

container storage capacity


36,000 square ft

of open and closed warehousing




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